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Every Human being years for Love. Bonding with a suitable partner and seeking progeny is the natural instinct that keeps alive the cycle of human race going. Essentially if you view the human nature, there seems to be two different levels or different thought processes that we under go. First is the concept of Love while is a sublime and transcendental feeling that by and far exceeds physical expression but embraces physical or conjugal love too. Universal love has very many shades with romantic love between man and woman being one of the prominent shades while the other could be between mother and her child. At the physical level, human beings are driven by the biological urge that is built in to seek satisfaction of the senses by engaging in physical passion or intimacy. This is the nature's vehicle to propagate new births. Read more »

Drug uses

Viagra is only prescribed for men and should not be used by women and children. Once the viagra pill is taken, it increases the flow of blood in the penile region that makes the penis stand erect and which helps in maintaining the erection for longer periods.

How Taken

Viagra pills can be taken an hour before engaging in sexual activity. Once a pill of viagra is taken, you do not have to worry about erectile problems for the next many hours. Well, you should also take care that only one viagra pill is taken a day and a gap of 24 hours is maintained between two dosages.

More Information

Never buy Viagra from the drugstore direct without contacting the doctor. The pills should only be taken on the advice of a doctor. Always discuss with your doctor about all your present and past health conditions, which will help the doctor to take a right decision on the prescription. While consulting the doctor, tell him frankly about all your medical conditions such as heart problems, angina, high/ blood pressure, kidney/liver problems, blood issues, stomach ulcers, Peyronie's disease, and prolonged or painful erections. If you have any of these conditions, the doctor may not prescribe Viagra or he may curtail the dosages.

Elderly people, especially those who are above 65 years, should take the drug with caution. It can cause serious side effects in these people.


Viagra pills will not be prescribed if you are using any nitrate filled medicines. If viagra is mixed with any nitrate filled drugs, there is a chance that the pressure may lower to unsafe levels, which could be fatal.

Viagra pills are also known to cause sudden vision loss. But people who already have vision problems or those who are diabetic or those who have high blood pressure have only experienced this sudden vision loss. It is not yet known if Viagra is the real cause of the vision loss.

Alcohol should also be avoided while you are on Viagra medication as mixing the two increases the risk of side effects.

Side Effects

Just like all impotency drugs, Viagra also comes with many allergic reactions and side effects. Well, there is nothing to worry about the side effects as they are not that severe and do not last for long periods. Headache, upset stomach and flushing are some of the most common side effects seen with Viagra pills. Colour vision and blurred vision are some of the less known side effects that come with Viagra pills.

After taking viagra, some people may come across erections that last for longer hours. This is not a good tendency as prolonged erections can cause damage to the penis. In case you experience longer erections that last for more than 4 hours, contact the doctor without any delay.

Viagra medicine and its benefits for impotent person

The advancement in scientific field has enabled the man to think about other different problems and to find out its solutions. With the scientific advancement, everything has become more efficient to use and too many people take advantages of those things which have been developed by the scientists. Medicines also have a class in research field where scientists remain try to find better solutions for certain health diseases. In such a way, people always find best product than the previous one in market and this thing increases believe on these products. Here I am going to share with you important information about a medicine that is called as Viagra. Viagra is the brand name of product under which it is sold in market and people take this medicine for sexual dysfunction treatment. The generic name of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. The generic name is usually used by those people who are professionals in medical field. Sometimes the brand names of medicines are so similar that it becomes difficult to differentiate between two in conversation. For this purpose, doctors and other professionals use generic name while talking about the medicines.

Sildenafil has many uses but its major use is in the treatment of sexual dysfunction of people. Sexual dysfunction could be in women or men. In men sexual dysfunction means impotence in which they lose their penile erection and it becomes difficult for them to get hard and stiff penis before sex. In women sexual dysfunction means the loss of libido at the time of sexual excitement. Other uses of Sildenafil are Altitude sickness and pulmonary arterial hypertension treatments. While treating these health problems, you should ask your doctor because the dose suggested for these health problems is bit different from the one that is prescribed for sexual dysfunction treatment. What happens in sexual dysfunction to a man? Well, the person who is having sexual dysfunction does not get erected penis and it happens due to the less flow rate of blood. Doctors recommend those medicines in this problem which can increase the blood flow rate for more than 3 hours. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are those medicines which are currently being used by the people for sexual dysfunction treatment. Out of these only Viagra has the ability to treat both men and women sexual dysfunction. Basically, its use increases the flexibility of arteries and in such a way allows more blood to pass through it.

Sildenafil use is highly recommended for sexual dysfunction treatment to both men and women but it should be carried out according to the prescription of professional doctor. Using it without any advice of doctor can cause severe problems for the patient’s health. Sildenafil is not recommended to those who have any kind of allergy with Sildenafil or with any component of Sildenafil. Pregnant women should also consult his doctors if they want to get sexual arousal again after an age of 60 years. In short, the Sildenafil medicine is the best solution for sexual dysfunction.



Everyone cannot be talking only good about Viagra, Surely?

Why is it that everyone talks about Viagra in a hyper animated tone and look pretty excited when they talk about such a simple drug? Viagra features in almost every conversation in an adult group and also in youth group. It is widely discussed in bare threads by women. We can safely conclude that gossip has been replaced by Viagra discussion. One does wonder why is there so much of rush with people to procure these tablets. Internet is flooded with advertisements of Viagra tablets. They stare at you on the face and make you stock up a good inventory at home.

All this is not because of Viagra, but because of the basic nature of the human beings. Men and women both are driven by the sexual drives as it was intended to be by nature. However society also has norms and rules which are laid down and followed for centuries that dictate what is allowed and what is not allowed in terms of personal freedom and mutual relationship. This boundary is essential to maintain sanity of the individuals, to keep up the sanctity of relationships, to ensure homes are stable and families are together, which results in a flourishing society.

In any society, sex and passion have always made it to the headlines and has survived in all times of crises. Today in society we are faced with many threats and this is true across the world. The biggest threat that is connected to sex is the threat of HIV Aids and STD. Unprotected sex and transfusion of blood can lead to the persons getting infected with HIV Virus which can be fatal. This epidemic has reached demonic proportions especially in countries where sex industry thrives and in societies where gay and other relationships are in vogue. There is also a myth surrounding HIV Aids and Viagra. People believe that Viagra can effectively cure and prevent HIV Aids. This is simply not a fact. Medical information available clearly states that Viagra does not cure this fatal disease.

Quiet often we come across few men and women who have an oversexed drive. Their energy and passion is much more than the normal average men and women. We also come across people who are driven by thoughts of sex which drives them to be extremely aggressive in their sexual habits. One can find a pattern in such people and recognize them easily. They often exhibit a fast lifestyle, indulge in partying, drinking, smoking and do the drugs. They are always socializing and surrounded by women. They hop from relationship to relationship and thrive on their sexual exploits. This is true in case of few women too. History is full of such characters.

Now it is possible that such men get hold of Viagra tablets as self medication and indulge in excessive physical passion. They would not take care to understand what Viagra is all about, but simply go on to think that it increases their libido and get involved in more relationships and leave more broken hearts. Such a lifestyle is often short-lived and ends up in breaking relationships and homes.

Though not very common, such extreme cases do surface at times. Such stories should serve as a lesson to all that Viagra is not an aphrodisiac drug. It is a cure for an ailment.

Impotence is a widespread problem among men characterized by the inability to maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse or the incapability to attain ejaculation, or both.
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No market sells the precious pleasures of healthy sexual relationship. Flaccid penis brings hindrance in the attainment of sexual pleasures fully. Researchers report rapidly increasing incidences of impotence all over the world.
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Viagra Price info: Becoming increasingly notorious in the adult community of the 21st century generation, sexual impairment such as impotence deprives many of their family and even most of them of their own lives.
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Many men come across a time in life when they are no longer as energetic in bed as they used to be. When faced with this situation, it is often shocking and people go into a denial mode or in extreme cases turn irritable, depressed or mentally upset.
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We normally think that women are fussy, highly emotional, sensitive and dramatic. Women are supposed to be the weaker sex. Men on the other hand are thought to be macho, strong and rock like personalities. These personality types have been stereotyped in all societies over time and anybody deviating from the norm be it in thought or in action are treated like outcasts.
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Man does not realize that he is but the product of nature. Everything in man has been designed specifically by nature. They also say that man is a microcosmic replica of the Macrocosm. In him is the reflection of the entire Universe and creation. So Man thinks that he is only next to God. He forgets that he does not own this earth or the nature and it is nature that owns him.
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We may be busy living our life to the fullest extent and enjoying it, but every one of us is always looking for a meaning in life. In whatever we do and take up we wish to understand the meaning of our actions. What is it that makes successful men give up their careers when they are at the top and go fishing or make famous multi millionaires give away their wealth for charities? There is always an inner urge to go beyond the material life all the time. Looking For Love?

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Is Viagra Good or Bad?

Viagra is selling like hot cakes. These tablets are being shipped and sold in container loads. There is an explosion of media with Viagra advertisements. All advertisements are pushing people to buy Viagra and use daily like vitamin pills. Though Viagra is supposed to be a prescription sold product, it is available all across and is sold without any prescription. People are going overboard using these tablets daily. Every adult conversation steers towards Viagra in all societies.

Let's look at this phenomenon. Now what is Viagra supposed to cure? It is supposed to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile Dysfunction is caused with loss of blood supply to the penis which could be a result of aging process of the body or due to the presence of other medical conditions like arterial hypertension, diabetes or heart related ailments.

Given the above fact, let us look at how many people are consuming these tablets. There are millions of men all over the world using Viagra on daily basis. The next question that becomes to ask is "What is the age group of the people consuming Viagra?" It is evident that the Age group of people consuming Viagra varies from twenty to seventy. Since we do not have access to exact stratified data, we may not be able to ascertain the break up of users based on age group.

The above information throws up some interesting facts for all of us to think about. If we understand that millions of men are buying Viagra for daily consumption, does it mean there are millions in our world suffering from erectile dysfunction? Of course there may be a small percentage of people being treated with Viagra for hypertension and related ailment, but this percentage overall could be insignificant. Assuming that millions are suffering from erectile dysfunction would not be true by any chance. Therefore it means that people are buying Viagra to use as aphrodisiac and believe that it enhances their libido. Otherwise nothing else can explain the fact that even youth and men in early thirties and forties are consuming Viagra.

We need to conduct sample studies in various segments of market to ascertain the above facts. It the above presumptions are proved correct, we have real cause to worry. First of all it may not be healthy for people to use this drug on daily basis if without doctor's prescription. Secondly there may be side effects of using this drug daily, which may not have been studied and recorded. Thirdly for the larger good, it is required to address the issues connected with the myth surrounding Viagra.

Men are under the false impression that Viagra can increase their sexual energy and libido. This is not true. Men also believe that Viagra can prevent them from falling pray to Aids. This is not true. They believe Viagra also prevents Sexually Transmitted diseases. This is also not true.

So if Viagra is being sold by millions in number and men are consuming the same for wrong reasons, it calls for some serious thought and action.


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