Does Freedom Mean Happiness

Sex education is very important for every individual at every age. Especially in the case of youth, there is a need for sex education not only with understanding of facts about sex but about health and sex too. In today’s world where information is available to every youth at the tip of their finger, we find that most of the boys and girls are already aware about sex and have looked through all the information available on the internet. However the current times are challenging. With the changing value systems and the lifestyle more and more new trends are being witnessed in the society. Internet is making available all kinds of right as well as harmful information about sex and sexual orientation to the impressionable minds. Is this good for their mental health and their sexual health? We do not know.

The number of youth who are falling prey to dangerous diseases like AIDS is increasing by the day. Most often we find the younger age group of men and women contracting these dreadful diseases. As the new culture of free sex and multiple sexual partnerships as well as different sexual orientations have come into being, they have also resulted in serious complications including AIDS as well as mental health problems and behavioral problems amongst the youth.

Sexual behavior and sexual health is very closely related to the mental as well as physical health of the individual. Unlike animals where sex is a biological drive, in humans, sex is more of a mental engagement and activity that is intermingled with physical activity too. Feelings of the individual are involved in sexual engagement. Therefore the kind of relationship and the sexual activity has a bearing on the emotional and mental health of both the partners. Sex promotes good health and happiness when both partners are engaged with the right perspective and emotion. When any individual engages in a sexual act merely to satisfy a physical need or uses sex for mental satisfaction arising out of any negative emotion can be detrimental to his mental health as well as physical health. We may find it difficult to accept but nevertheless it is true that many individuals tend to use sex as a tool to drive their emotions arising out of rage, anger, ego, hatred etc. When the intention is harmful or negative, the result of such sexual encounter cannot be positive. The outcome will hurt the individual’s health and relationship too.

Current times are very challenging. Earlier society laid the rules with reference to the process of engagement and relationship between two individuals. Today we seem to live beyond the boundaries. The current times are morally and ethically challenging. At a personal level, our health and happiness is at stake too. Out of our mistakes and trials we should hope to see new form of order in the societies soon. Every individual’s health, life and happiness is deeply connected with his sexual thought and behavior and today we are facing the risk of ruining our health and life in the face of new found freedom of the individual.