Looking For Love

We may be busy living our life to the fullest extent and enjoying it, but every one of us is always looking for a meaning in life. In whatever we do and take up we wish to understand the meaning of our actions. What is it that makes successful men give up their careers when they are at the top and go fishing or make famous multi millionaires give away their wealth for charities?. There is always an inner urge to go beyond the material life all the time.

We are always looking for love. All human beings are seeking that one thing called love but most often they do not know it. While some seek love from their relationships with parents, most look for it from their spouse and kids. Every individual believes that his family is there to give him the love that he needs to get. Children always believe that their parents love them and feel secure with their parents without any question. Man and wife believe that their relationship and home is sustained by their love for one another. The boyfriend confesses his love to his girlfriend for ever and the moon shines on them laughing. All the time we are looking for love but stop for a moment and think. Is this human love permanent?.

The fact is that the human love is anything but permanent. Be it between parents and children or the couples, the feeling and love is always colored by the circumstances and changes with love. Human love has also got an inbuilt expectations from each of the individuals. While we all want to be loved, we also have expectations from each of our relationships.

Every woman expects her husband not only to love her but to provide for the family and play the role of an ideal father and husband all the time. The man is always expected to be super human and meet with every challenge and all the time. But in most cases the man may not want to play the role perfectly all the time. Life is uncertain. Ups and downs in life and financial crises in anyone’s life is but a reality. What happens when there is severe financial strain and in most cases the relationship and love go through the window. What happens when a man goes through andropause phase in his life. The reduction of male hormone in the body causes sagging of muscles as well as reduces his sexual drive. Furthermore male hormone imbalance or reduction can also cause loss of confidence as well as depression in men. Typically at this juncture men go through patch similar to that faced by women and their whole personality takes a beating. At this sensitive juncture they might look up to their spouse for support rather than being in command and in charge all the time. Not many wives are prepared to accept the change and reversal of roles and relationships do breakup at such trying times and love flies through the window.

In the beginning of marriage every man and woman look for a perfect life and happiness ever after. But then life has its own course. Very often people grow apart and grow out of relationship but continue to live together for practical purpose.

End of it all, every human being is looking for that divine love that he can take for granted and never lose. The only connection with the divine can give us permanent love. That love is hiding within us. We need to just go within and find it all over again.