Every Human being years for Love. Bonding with a suitable partner and seeking progeny is the natural instinct that keeps alive the cycle of human race going. Essentially if you view the human nature, there seems to be two different levels or different thought processes that we under go. First is the concept of Love while is a sublime and transcendental feeling that by and far exceeds physical expression but embraces physical or conjugal love too. Universal love has very many shades with romantic love between man and woman being one of the prominent shades while the other could be between mother and her child. At the physical level, human beings are driven by the biological urge that is built in to seek satisfaction of the senses by engaging in physical passion or intimacy. This is the nature's vehicle to propagate new births.

In an ideal situation both the feeling of love as well as physical passion are well balanced and leads to a harmonious relationship. Unlike animals which are driven by seasons and cycles of periods where they are able to mate and produce off springs, human beings are evolved to a higher level where they do not follow the same pattern but are more bound by social rituals and traditions which dictate or prescribe loosely the customs that people follow to find a suitable date, get engaged, married and settle down with the partner to raise kids and grow the family.


While men and women are very young and in their thirties, life is full of physical energy, passion and drive because both man and wife are in prime of their health. However with the arrival of 40s, things slowly begin to change and the body energy and health begins to start its downward trend. Post 40's is the period when women approach menopausal stage, which causes hormonal changes in the body as well as an emotional upheaval that can last a few years. Mood swings, depression, coupled with physical discomforts show up and last for a number of years until the reproductive cycle ceases completely.

This is a very emotional traumatic period for women and they need a lot of support from their spouses in terms of emotional support and security.

In case of men too, there is the stage of menopause which occurs post 40s but is far less pronounced and subtle in its outward expression. However one can notice that men go through drastic mood swings and emotional upheavals without being able to identify the exact cause for their behavior. Unnecessary aggression, anger, depression, irritability, short tempers are some of the perceptible outcomes coupled with changes in body health. This is the time when men suddenly find themselves unable to perform or engage in sexual activity and are unable to achieve an erection. In case of people who undergo severe emotional stress and anxiety caused by financial difficulties, relationships going sour or any adverse conditions can affect men’s psyche and often results in a condition called erectile dysfunction.

This condition is not something that every one is able accept easily and many would not be willing to talk about it in the open or seek assistance from the medical doctors. This is a delicate stage where they need help and assistance to over come this condition and be able to resume normal relationship with their spouse. Physical passion and intimacy are the foundation of a happy married life. Besides being able to satisfy the partner's physical needs as well as one’s own desires is important for the man failing which he is likely to suffer from inferiority complex. However with more and more of education and information being available people are now approaching doctors for treatment.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction is very simple. After a few diagnostic tests and going through the medical history of the patient, doctors prescribe Viagra – a wonder drug for daily consumption as per prescribed dose. As soon as one starts consuming this, the man is able to resume physical relationship with the spouse as viagra help increase blood flow to the penis and thereby.

Sense Of Adventure Is An Attitude

If you are ordering Viagra online i suppose you are being a bit adventurous in taking interest in yourself. Come to think of it, do you have a sense of adventure in you? Sit down and think about it. The spirit of adventure is something that touches very few human beings and their life is never the same. With each of the adventures they return from they will emerge to be a new person with fresh perspectives on human life as well as our earth. This change of sense of perception is something that is the common imprint that any adventure leaves on the person. The other sense is the sense of having challenged one’s own limits including physical, intellectual as well as emotional limits and senses.