Don't hesitate or feel shy to explain your problem in front of doctors. The most appropriate sentence is spoken by the patients is "I have a problem in bedroom".

Viagra is the medicine which is used to overcome the problem of erection dysfunction. Sildenafil is also used in the name of Viagra. It is also used for the same purpose as Viagra. The Revatio is another brand of sildenafil which can also be used to overcome the erection dysfunction. All these medicines are being used to improve the sexual lives of the men. About thirty five billion people have been treated by the Viagra. There are basically three types of Viagra tablets strength 25mg, 50 mg and 100mg. The tablet of 100mg strength is being used mostly.

Working of the Viagra:

Lowering of the blood flow rate is the most important reason of physical erection dysfunction. Viagra increases the flow rate of blood stream where it is necessary. Excitation is necessary for the erection. So men must be strong in their sexually emotions. When man is excited, signals come from the brain and sent to penis. A specific chemical is released through penis as it receives signal from the brain. These chemicals relax the muscles inside the penis. The erection time of the penis depend upon the flow rate of the blood. The larger the flow rate of blood greater the time of erection of penis. The blood flow rate decides the hardness and erection of the penis. The net blood flow rate also decides the length of penis. Greater the net flow rate of blood, larger the length of the penis. Basically when blood flows through the penis, muscles relax. Theses muscles allow the blood to flow through the penis. In normal conditions the muscles are constricted and don’t allow the blood to flow in penis. There is another type of chemical which is known as phosphodiesterase. This chemical breaks those chemicals which relax the muscles. When the chemicals are broken by the PDE5, muscles constrict and stop the blood flow. It becomes cause of erection dysfunction. The main function of Viagra is to control the phosphodiesterase chemical (PDE5). It will continue the flow of blood and increase the time of erection. Erection dysfunction may also occur in men due to improper working of the nerve tissues and blood vessels. Viagra re-establishes the working of nerve tissues and blood flow rate. Viagra can work properly about 4 hours. It can provide a better time to men, when they have sex with their partners.

Dosage of Viagra:

Before taking the dosage of Viagra, consult with your doctors. Patients must be used it on the advice of the doctors. Viagra tablets have different strength. There are basically three types of tablets have been manufacturing 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. mostly men are used tablets of 100mg strength. When you are taking slidenafil and revotion, don’t take Viagra. It is taken only on its requirement. Men can use it for 60 minutes or 240 minutes. Don’t take it twice in a day. “Excess of everything is bad”. It has also some side effects. Man must follow the instructions of their respective doctors.

Sex education is very important for every individual at every age. Especially in the case of youth, there is a need for sex education not only with understanding of facts about sex but about health and sex too. In today’s world where information is available to every youth at the tip of their finger, we find that most of the boys and girls are already aware about sex and have looked through all the information available on the internet. However the current times are challenging.

There is one thing that has affected half of the individuals under health and fitness programs. That is, the act of adjourning your fitness schedules to the next day and that goes on for the whole week, month and finally the year comes to an end. In such cases, you need a guide that will not give you fitness tips but it should guide you on how to get into the fitness tips without skipping a single day.

You may have a little bit knowledge about the diseases and medicines. Some medicines are only used for the treatment of diseases while some medicines can cure the disease. Our scientists are trying to make those medicines which not only treat the health problem but cure the disease also. In this article, I shall tell you about the use of Viagra. Every medicine has its own function and same is the case with Viagra. It is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or man impotence. Viagra can be used for the treatment of other health problems also but it depends upon the doctor prescription. If you will use Viagra for any health problem without the prescription of the doctor then you may get severe side effects. So you should avoid such things which can harm your health.