Becoming increasingly notorious in the adult community of the 21st century generation, sexual impairment such as impotence deprives many of their family and even most of them of their own lives.

As far as defining such a disastrous disease is concerned, specialists explain impotence as a person’s unintentional incapability to attain standard erection level of the male external genital upon significant sensual and emotional stimulation of the body thus failing to accomplish sexual interaction.

Analysts enlist many causes of ED, erectile dysfunction, or impotence as per the wide number of factors affecting a modern man's sexuality.

°°One of them being psychogenic implies a defect in the limbic system of the CNS, central nervous system. Psychological problems, negative feelings, stress, schizophrenia, panic disorder and anxiety are some of the related processes that could be enlisted in psychogenic category.

°°The other being of anatomic roots implies to malfunctioning of any anatomic structure that functions for eliciting sexual responses. Aging that is accompanied by progressive vascular degradation with age is an inevitable cause. Others included in the anatomic category are atherosclerosis and surgical treatments of prostate. Defects of other tissues of the penis such as corpus cavernosa and nervous innervations of the penis could also serve impotence.

°°Hormonal disorders related to pituitary and prostate directly affect the physiology of sexual interaction. Hypertension and hypovolumeia of blood also prevent the appropriate blood supply to penile tissues for the corpora of penis to cause pronounced postural erection of the organ.

°°Chemical causes of impotence include, on a major part, the side effects posed by the drugs that are being used by the patient to cure another disease such as depression. Cigarette smoking and consequent increase in nicotine level also threatens sexual sensitivity to stimulation. Drug abuse and narcotics like heroin, cocaine and alcohol also enhance impotence.

°°Last but not the least, an individual’s day to day life style characterized by sedentary habits and no or inappropriate levels of physical exertion leads to reduced sexual response and ineffective erections during the time of physical interaction.

Treatment of ED depends upon the nature of the factor causing the disease. Oral medications, Alprostadil application, Vacuum therapy for erection and surgical solutions are some of the key-treatments being used worldwide.