We normally think that women are fussy, highly emotional, sensitive and dramatic. Women are supposed to be the weaker sex. Men on the other hand are thought to be macho, strong and rock like personalities. These personality types have been stereotyped in all societies over time and anybody deviating from the norm be it in thought or in action are treated like outcasts. No wonder that in many societies, marriage, family and children are considered to be the natural progression of human life. It may be a surprise or shock to the westerners to know that in many eastern as well as middle-eastern cultures, arranged marriages take place where the elders or the parents choose the bride or bridge groom and get them married quite early. The clannish culture has its roots in this type of thought process.

Imagine what happens if a young man who is married off at the eligible age is found to be impotent? It can be a disaster for himself, his spouse as well as for the family. History is rich with stories of kings and influential men who could not father children and hence had to go for adoption from within the family in order to provide a future heir and secure their family holdings. Economic compulsions too demand that the family should continue with progeny. Therefore there is immense pressure on the man and woman to produce off springs irrespective of their own wish.

In today’s world the concept of family tree and lineage is taking a back seat and we find that the nuclear families are the order of the day. The urban lifestyle which is full of pressure, anxiety and stress is creating havoc on the people’s psyche as well as body rhythm. Un-natural work hours and stressful living is resulting in nonexistent sex life as well as causing impotence in men as well as infertility amongst women. The causes of impotence in men need not be physical alone. There can be psychological trauma and emotional distress that can cause impotence in males. Age and the libido may have very little to do with impotence.

With the change in the bio rhythm of the human body due to the urban style of living, we are tampering with nature and thus the body has to bear with the result of such tampering. Men smoke and drink a lot and work under pressure chasing targets and professional goals. Thus their body is sapped off the vital energy which can result in poor sex drive or inability to achieve erection. Erectile dysfunction is seen to be a growing phenomenon amongst the urban males.

In the case of women too, fertility problems are on the rise. Women are juggling with too many roles and working much more than men at office as well as at home. The stress on their body and mind often shows up in their inability to conceive.

There is a urgent need for sociologists to campaign for the cause of healthy living and educate the people about the outcome of urban stressful living. The quality of life and of the family’s future is definitely dependent upon the quality of life that one lives today. A healthy life gives rise to a healthy relationship and a healthy child too.