Man does not realize that he is but the product of nature. Everything in man has been designed specifically by nature. They also say that man is a microcosmic replica of the Macrocosm. In him is the reflection of the entire Universe and creation. So Man thinks that he is only next to God. He forgets that he does not own this earth or the nature and it is nature that owns him. Man cannot create anything by himself. He can only discover what is out there.

Man owes his life to the nature’s plan. If you were to ask people as to what is their goal in life, you will get different but interesting answers. Some believe that the purpose of life is to enjoy and enjoyment they believe is through eating, drinking and partying. Some others believe that enjoyment of life lies in sex. The concept of love is conveniently forgotten here. There are others who believe that the goal of life is to evolve or realize oneself. This is but the thought of very few people who are in the quest of a higher reality. Most of the people walk the normal path of believing that they need to eat, drink, sleep, earn money, enjoy life, get married, have children and raise a family.

Man is emotionally groomed to thinking that his life is purposeful only when he gets married and raises a family. His natural duties in life are to do with being a dutiful son, a loving husband and a father to his children. These may not be understood to be duties strictly. However, normal man seeks these as his goals in life.

Nature too has intended life to be in this fashion. Procreation is one of the basic functions and essential function in nature. Every living being or thing procreates and paves way for the next generation. The existence of every species is ensured only through procreation. Therefore in case of humans, the inner call for getting married and having children is but a natural instinct that has been programmed by nature.

When an individual finds that he is impotent, his life comes to a standstill. It can be the most sensitive and damaging news for the individual, one that literally questions his individuality and existence. You can argue and say that it is irrational for an individual to think so. But the underlying natural instinct that is present in every individual to ensure procreation gives rise to this feeling. No man would feel comfortable knowing that he is impotent.

It takes a larger view of life, a broader sense of consciousness as well as self esteem and the awareness of a higher reality of life that can free men from feeling like a failure when they find themselves impotent. Those few who are aware that they are the souls and that this body is but a physical vehicle and are likely to understand the impact and accept whatever nature intends to do with them. They know that to be a father and raise a child is the most precious duty and one need not father a biological child. There are many children out there who are waiting to be loved and cherished.