If you are ordering Viagra online i suppose you are being a bit adventurous in taking interest in yourself. Come to think of it, do you have a sense of adventure in you? Sit down and think about it. The spirit of adventure is something that touches very few human beings and their life is never the same. With each of the adventures they return from they will emerge to be a new person with fresh perspectives on human life as well as our earth. This change of sense of perception is something that is the common imprint that any adventure leaves on the person. The other sense is the sense of having challenged one’s own limits including physical, intellectual as well as emotional limits and senses.

A sense of adventure is present in men as well as women. What attracts each one to take up any adventure activity is known and differs from person to person. While for some it is simply an exhilarating sense of freedom and vastness when they scale the heights and manage to reach the summit, for someone else it may be the thrill of having seen and experienced the various cultures and so on. Then there are those who love to face the unknown and look at fear in the face. For such men and women death is no enemy but a known friend.

Man has always been adventurous by nature. The discovery of the continents and human dwellings on the earth was made possible thanks to the explorers of the previous centuries who could not ignore the lure of the seas. It is quite a strange feeling to imagine ourselves in the shoes of the sailors like VasGoDaGama who left home to explore the unknown not sure if ever he would be able to return home at all and not being able to see what lay ahead of him.

Astronauts too have to have a sense of adventure in them to be able to make the trip to the sky. The thrill of being able to do the space travel probably overshadows the fear of not being able to return back to the earth and the travel to unknown territories.

All in all a sense of adventure is required even in our daily lives for it makes our everyday life fun. You can create a lot of adventurous situations for your family in the daily transactions and make it a fun filled day. For example let you son take a public bus to the town alone and you meet him at the other end of the stop and treat him for an ice cream. Your child will love the adventurous trip of having to make that journey alone.

Why not take off on a new trail with your wife? Doing unexpected things can be lot of fun. Just hire a motor home and drive down to Alaska or any other place where you can spend time leisurely exploring the country side. Planning, finding places to camp and making it on your own can be fun filled adventure. Of course do not forget to order and carry the Viagra tablets with you on your trip.