Many men come across a time in life when they are no longer as energetic in bed as they used to be. When faced with this situation, it is often shocking and people go into a denial mode or in extreme cases turn irritable, depressed or mentally upset.

One may be naturally inclined to head to the nearest drug store wanting to buy Viagra and pop into your mouth. Hold on. This is not the way to go. Viagra is not an Over the Counter Prescription Drug. You need medical assistance and treatment for your problem than attempting self medication.

It is time to have a Viagra talk with your doctor. Viagra should not be taken as self medication. It can be dangerous to do so. Viagra has side effects and can turn dangerous if you do not follow medical advice.

The best option is to allow the doctor to conduct thorough diagnostic tests, understand your health conditions and other ailments and then prescribe the course of treatment so that using Viagra as a treatment option does not interfere or cause damage to other medications that one might be taking.

Viagra is not an option for those who are taking nitrate based medication for chest pain and other heart related conditions. Viagra can result in sudden drop of blood pressure and worsen the situation.

For patients under treatment for prostrate problems, high blood pressure and other heart diseases, the doctors will prescribe the exact dosage and treatment course so as to not to interfere with the other treatment drugs.

While using Viagra, some patients are often found to complain of nausea, breathing difficulty, pain in chest, loss of vision, loss of hearing etc and in such situations one should immediately seek assistance from the doctors.

Always remember, sexual dysfunction can be a result of many other conditions or causes other than ED and Viagra may not be the treatment option for all other conditions. Secondly your doctor needs to know your detailed sexual and medical history with body conditions before prescribing a course of treatment with Viagra.