Human sexuality defines physical pleasures in the most beautiful way one could ever feel. But if a man fails to keep his sexuality intact, breakups and emotional stress are some of the inevitable consequences. However, modern pharmacy has solution to every possible disorder. In 1998, Pfizer pharmaceuticals celebrated one of their greatest developments that would last effective for the rest of the years to come. Sildenafil they found was exceedingly effective for curing impotence. In the course of their research on effective antihypertensive drugs, they found that sildenafil could actually inhibit PDE5 found in penile tissues mostly thus triggering erection response simultaneously.

The potent drug of Viagra targets erectile dysfunction in which it shows maximum effectiveness. PDE5 inhibitors are chemical compounds that block the action of phosphodiesterase of type 5 from breaking cGMP down into its constituents. cGMP that is already produced increases in quantity in the penile tissues and accelerated erection of the penis. The drug does not causes increased production of cGMP instead it prevents the already produced from being degraded by PDE5. cGMP is produced from gyanylate cyclase under the action of NO released from the vascular endothelial cells. No release from the vascular endothelial cells is stimulus mediated and is rendered non-functional when no sexual stimulation is present. cGMP acts on smooth muscles of penis vasculature and dilates them to accommodate increased blood quantity. The blood is then supplied to corpora cavernosa of the penis which erects the penile shaft.

Sildenafil, like any other medicine, poses some side effects such as flushing, stomach dysfunction, nasal congestion, nausea, headache, dizziness and visual dysfunctions such as bluishness in the vision. Sildenafil is seen to affect PDE6 and other such enzymes and produce unexpected responses called as side effects. However, of the dosage is maintained under physicians recommendations, the side effects would not last longer than first few hours and would not be a potential threat to your health.

Physicians strongly advise discretion of the drug while taking other nitrate containing drugs such as angina medications and other sex drugs such as amyl nitrate. Otherwise, aggressive fall in body’s blood pressure would result due to re-enforced effect of several hypotensive drugs.

Viagra is available in the strength of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets of diamond shape and blue color. The blue pill of Viagra is the ultimate treatment to erectile dysfunction being adopted for years by millions worldwide. The drug is to be taken once a day and half an hour prior to physical interaction the effects of which would last for four hours giving more than enough time to satisfy yours and your partner’s sexual needs.

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