Time Is The Ruler

Life is funny and that’s the only way to look at life. Those who take life seriously will find themselves suffering with the ups and downs in life. Those who are able to look at themselves and life objectively and from a distance are not affected by the ups and downs. Life teaches us a lot of lessons. After all life is but a school and we get to learn lessons every day in life. Time they say is a big healer. Time means different things to different people. In fact if you sit and think about time, you will find that time is a major factor that rules everything in your life. Unless it is the right time the fruit does not ripen and when it is time, the fruit automatically falls down from the tree. Similarly when it is time we leave this body and this world behind and one does not get even a minute more to stop and wait.

Time was on Rick’s side when he took up the assignment to relocate to Singapore. Of course the relocation came with a promotion and the extra money coming in was definitely welcome. Everything was going good for Rick. He had just proposed to his girl friend and both of them had decided to wait until he settled down in Singapore to decide about the date for the wedding. Marriage is a big step for everybody. Naturally Rick too was undecided for a long time and afraid of commitment. Taking on responsibility for another person was something very new and Rick was apprehensive. He had only known what it was to be loved and looked after by parents who took responsibility for him. Having decided to get married Rick was always worried about his choice and whether he had made the right choice or not.

After relocating to Singapore and settling down in a flat, Rick invited his girlfriend over for a visit so that she could get a better idea of how life in Singapore would be. They did get to spend a weekend exploring the place happily, holding hands and roaming all over the beach and the Zoo and loving every moment. Then came the shocker. To their biggest surprise and shock they found that their physical relationship was far from satisfactory. Rick had a problem with erectile dysfunction but the lack of knowledge and awareness made the couple fight and accuse each other. What was supposed to be a holiday turned out to be a nightmare. Rick’s girl friend accused him of being impotent and that was the last straw. Rick made sure that she took the next flight back home and never to return again.

Sitting alone Rick wondered whether time was on his side or not. Just a week back he had been looking forward to and making plans for his girlfriend’s visit. Now the entire story was over and life had changed. Days passed by slowly and Rick had the opportunity to consult a good doctor who treated him and cured him of erectile dysfunction. Rick became normal and fit in no time and in the course of time found a very pretty talkative girl from Thailand and married her. Over the next few years both worked hard and built a home and base for themselves in Thailand and decided to make it their permanent home.

Time had come to Rick’s rescue. It took away from him a meaningless relationship, one that was based on expectations that were temporal and gave him true love. Time is the healer, Time is the Giver and Time is our Ruler too.