Women have greater role in Male erection issues

Erectile dysfunction is a general problem that affects men. Most of the men are shy enough to tell it openly, even to their partners, about their erection problems. Women, who can understand the problem very quickly, have a big role to play.

It should be noted that it is just not only men who suffer from erectile dysfunction but women also face problems. As an emotional partner, the women suffer along with men. The lack of sexual contact can be frustrating not only to men but also to women. It is here where women have a great role to play.

The first thing women should do is to make their partner talk to them about their problems. May be it could be difficult to make men speak openly about his frustration but it should be done. Once men are made to talk about their erection problem, half of the erection issue is solved.

The next step is that women should convince the partner to approach a doctor. This could be a great challenge for her as no men would like to approach a doctor or a sex specialist for his impotence problems.

In between, women can also ask their partners for trying some erection pills like viagra, cialis or levitra. They could also persuade their partners for trying some gadgets for improving the erection.

Whatever is done, it should be done in a way that does not hurt the feelings of the partner. Make sure that you understand his feelings and he understand yours.